Konstantin Kann lives in Berlin and works as a director of photography in film and advertising. While studying cinematography at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin, he worked on the film ‘4,95’, which premiered at the 39th Film Festival Max Ophüls Prize in 2018. In the same year, his film DIE ANDEREN premiered at the 52nd Hof International Film Festival. He produced the feature film A FISH SWIMMING UPSIDE DOWN which premiered at the 70th Berlinale in 2020 and founded REKA PICTURES Production Company together with director Eliza Petkova. In addition to his work as a cinematographer, he is a trained steadicam operator.

Konstantin Kann


[IP]   KLICK fiction, 6 min d: Luis Schubert
[IP]   SAME OL THANG music video, 4 min d: S.W.I.M.
[IP]   SOFIJAS FILM fiction, 35 min d: Srdjan Djuric
[IP]   LIEBE fiction, 30 min d: Timo Bénit
[IP]   SOUNDS OF NATURE fiction, 15 min d: Eliza Petkova
2020 GUIDE SENSMART commercial, 1 min d: Kin Wah Lok
2019 ELEMENTS commercial, 1 min d: Eliza Petkova
2018 DIE ANDEREN fiction, 12 min d: Eliza Petkova
2018 4,95 fiction, 17 min d: Timo Bénit
2017 BEING YOU fiction, 17min d: Jasmine Alakari
2016 MOTION experimental, 12 min d: Isabella Kröger
2015 GIGANT documentary, 8 min d: Timo Bénit
2014 DEUTSCHE BAHN 2020 commercial, 4 min d: Exit Media
2014 FAIR TRADE SUPERHERO commercial, 3 min d: Lena Posch
2012 DER KAVALIER fiction, 12 min d: Konstantin Kann


[IP]   UFOS ÜBERM BLOCK music video, 4 min p: TOP BERLIN Film & TV
[IP]   TOCOTRONIC music video, 3 min p: MOOKWE
[IP]   FELULEIKUR experimental, 5 min p: DUKAproduction
[IP]   SUSPICIOUS MINDS fiction, 18 min p: DFFB
[IP]   LIEBE fiction, 30 min p: DFFB
[IP]   SOUNDS OF NATURE fiction, 15 min p: REKA PICTURES
2021 SAME OL THANG music video, 4 min d: S.W.I.M.
2020 A FISH SWIMMING UPSIDE DOWN fiction, 103 min p: DFFB
2019 ELEMENTS commercial, 1 min p: REKA PICTURES
2019 LACRYMOSA fiction, 5 min p: ARTE, SWR
2019 I GO NOW fiction, 23 min p: RBB
2018 DER TAG X fiction, 20 min p: RBB
2018 BOLZMANN fiction, 25 min p: SEVEN PEAKS
2018 DIE ANDEREN fiction, 12 min p: REKA PICTURES
2017 RONDO fiction, 30 min p: DFFB
2016 FLEISCH fiction, 8 min p: DFFB
2016 BEING YOU fiction, 17 min p: DFFB